Hammock Camping at Glacier National Park

Are you interested in planning a backcountry trip that will leave you forgetting about civilization within a few short days? If so, there are few experiences more wild than planning a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.

Glacier National Park is a beautiful spectacle of nature. The large, carved valleys that once held prehistoric glaciers and the untouched natural space leaves visitors with a glimpse to the past. 

As outdoor enthusiasts, here at Hennessy Hammock, we see Glacier National Park as one of the last pure wildernesses in North America. Because of this, we also believe Glacier National Park to be one of the best places to set out on a long trip with your ultralight backpacking hammock.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss more information about Glacier National Park and how you can get the most out of it on your next camping hammock adventure. 

Glacier National Park: General Information

Part of what makes Glacier National Park so wild is the fact that it is far away from any major population centers. Located in Northern Montana on the Canadian border, Glacier National Park is relatively hard to get to without flying. Unless you are a resident of Montana or Idaho, that is. 

Featuring sharp, jagged peaks, glacial lakes, and thick forest, Glacier National Park is the backcountry adventurers’ dream. Unlike most places in the United States, a backcountry backpacking trip could result in not seeing other people for days at a time. 

What to Do

While people who visit Glacier National Park generally have a hankering for outdoor adventure that involves using streams and lakes to shower for days at a time, there is something for everyone at Glacier National Park. Whether you are spending time at the elegant Lake Mcdonald Lodge or outdoors in your camping hammock, activities like ranger-led tours, backcountry hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, and more are all close by. 

Visit the St. Mary Valley, Goat Haunt, North Fork, and lake McDonald areas of the park for a quick day trip or for multiple nights. Whatever the experience is that you’re looking for, there is a place to find it in Glacier National Park. Heck, the chance to see mountain goats up close is reason enough to visit. 


  • Entrance: $20–$35
  • Campgrounds: Year-round
  • Wilderness camping: Permit access only

Campsite Availability

Most national parks do not have the accommodations that Glacier National Park has. With five hotels and lodges scattered throughout the park, people who are not keen to sleeping outdoors have an opportunity to sleep comfortably inside — not to mention that a night at the lodge is perfect for the exhausted adventurer coming back out of the woods from their hammock camping trip. In addition to lodges and hotels, Glacier National Park also has 13 car accessible campgrounds that are a perfect place to pitch your tent or hang your camping hammock. 

While some people might want to sleep in a bed or a car-access campground, there are those who crave something more wild. Accessible by the over 700 miles of hiking trails found in the park, there are a number of backcountry campgrounds. Space is limited in the backcountry, however, and permits must be obtained in order to be able to use them. Learn more about backcountry permits for your next hammock camping trip


The Continental Divide runs through the center of Glacier National Park, creating two unique climates. To the west, the Pacific Maritime climate features heavy precipitation and moderate temperatures. To the east, the Arctic Continental climate features dry winds and limited precipitation. 

Winters in the park are quite cold and snowy — with major thoroughfares like Going-to-the-sun Road being closed for the winter and a good portion of spring. Summers, however, are quite warm during most days with temperatures becoming brisk at night.   

Hammock Camping in Glacier National Park

Are you interested in planning a backcountry trip with your ultralight backpacking hammock? If so, there may not be a better place in the world to do so than at Glacier National Park. Featuring over 700 miles of trails, both developed and primitive, you can really “get lost” in total nature immersion. 

When packing your gear, make sure that you have insulation, a rain cover, and bug netting for your camping hammock. While in most cases you will have predictable weather and bugs will be minimal, things can change at a moment's notice in the backcountry. Also be sure to have a plan, and communicate said plan to someone who is not going into the backcountry prior to departing. 

Recommended Gear

Whether you are an experienced backcountry traveler or someone new to camping entirely, it is important to make sure you have the proper gear. Sure, it might be forecast to be sunny and warm for the entirety of the trip, but that is no reason to leave your rain fly and rain coat at home. Aside from the obvious items that you should bring with you, there are a few extra items that you could benefit from bringing. Learn more below. 

Evernew Ultralight Mug Pot 32oz

When you are spending time in the backcountry — and especially if you’ll be covering large distances — it is important to pack with a priority on quality rather than quantity. With pots, pans, and cooking tools it is no different.

Rather than carrying a heavy set of pots and pans, carry the Evernew Ultralight Mug Pot. As a titanium container, it is light and can be used to cook, eat, and boil water — essentially everything that you’ll need while out on the trail. Learn more about this must-have backcountry tool today

Fly Tensioner Set

When it comes to camping hammocks, it is important to always have replacement parts — especially fly tensioners. 

The Rianfly’s main purpose is to stay tight while covering you and your belongings. In doing so, it allows gravity to effortlessly shed the rain from the fly. If a tensioner breaks while in the backcountry, your camping hammock will no longer function to the best of its abilities. Keeping extra tensioners is a safe way to keep your camping hammock functioning optimally. 

Shop Hennessy Hammock Today!

Are you interested in a lengthy backpacking trip? Because if you are, we believe that Glacier National Park might be the perfect place for you to visit. 

When backpacking in Glacier national Park, be sure to bring the best gear with you — gear like a Hennessy Hammock ultralight backpacking hammock. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Hennessy Hammock store today to find your new favorite outdoor sleeping solution.
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