Hammock Camping at Joshua Tree National Park

When people think of camping, they usually picture a camping spot on the side of a lake beneath a thick pine forest. You know — like in all of the movies? While a nice lakeside camping spot is without a doubt a nice place to hang your hammock, there are plenty more unique places that you can visit. Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most unique places in the country to camp. In fact, this “desert oasis” has somewhat of a cult following in the camping community.

Joshua Tree National Park is a unique desert environment where two major, yet different, desert ecosystems meet. What makes this national park so unique is that it has a high concentration of trees that can only be found in two parts of the world — a small portion of the Southwestern United States and Jerusalem. The Joshua Tree, for which the park is so aptly named for, is a slow-growing tree that is incredibly unique. 

Sadly, you can’t hang a camping hammock from these protected trees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in your Hennessy Hammock ultralight backpacking hammock while visiting. Continue reading to learn more about this magnificent national park and how our durable hammocks can help you explore it.  

Joshua Tree National Park: General Information

If you have never camped in the desert, there is no better place to experience it the first time than in Joshua Tree National Park. Located where the Colorado and Mojave ecosystems collide, the vast desert of Joshua Tree National Park is littered with beautiful Joshua Trees and grand rock formations. The real catch, however, is the stargazing. Located over 100 miles east of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is not subjected to light pollution — meaning that millions of stars in the sky are visible where they might not be elsewhere. 

So if you want to see stars like you have likely never seen before, we urge you to pack up your camping hammock and set your GPS for Joshua Tree National Park.

What to Do

While one might think that there isn’t much to do in the desert, there is. Much like any other national park, you will find plenty of opportunities to backpack, bike, hike, climb, and ride horses. However, Joshua Tree National park does have plenty of things that you are unlikely to find at other national parks — solitude and isolation. While a large number of people visit the park each year, there is a large number of backcountry roads and trails that keep people spread out within the park. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit Joshua Tree National Park, get lost (figuratively), and experience stargazing like you never have before from the comfort of your Hennessy Hammock. 


  • Entrance: $15–$30
  • Campgrounds: $15–$20

Campsite Availability

At Joshua Tree National Park, there is no shortage of campground options. With over 500 campgrounds in the park, you are sure to find the spot that you are looking for. While campsites are open year-round, it is extremely difficult to get a campsite between September and May. That said, if you plan ahead and reserve a campground online up to six months in advance, you can rest assured that there will be a spot for you!


Being a desert, Joshua Tree National Park has a generally warm and dry climate. Because of this, camping is most popular during the spring and fall months while the average high is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In the peak of summer, average highs can be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making hiking biking and other outdoor activities less comfortable. 

Hammock Camping in Joshua Tree National Park

Earlier in this blog post you may have noticed that we said the Joshua Trees are protected and therefore you are unable to hang a hammock from them. So why would you bring your hammock to Joshua Tree National Park?

While it might seem like there is no way to hang your camping hammock in the park, there are a few creative ways that you can do so. Below, we have listed a few of our favorites. 

Hammock Stand

The use of camping hammocks is permitted within the campgrounds. While you might not be able to use a Joshua Tree due to their extremely shallow root system, you can use a hammock stand. Being that most of Joshua Tree National Park’s camping spots are accessible by car, you can simply pack up your backyard stand and bring it with you. 

Rock Set Up

Joshua Trees might be unstable, but there still might be a place for you to hang your hammock for an afternoon nap. Throughout the park there are many rock formations that are formidable places to hang a hammock. Just be sure to test the strength of your anchor points before laying in the hammock.

Ground Set Up

Wait, ground set up with a camping hammock? Well, if you have a Hennessy Hammock ultralight backpacking hammock you can!

As the most versatile camping hammock in the world, our camping hammocks are designed to be set up anywhere — including the ground. To learn more about setting your Hennessy Hammock camping hammock on the ground, we urge you to check out our examples and tutorials!

Recommended Gear

As always, each adventure can be made better with the use of specially-tailored gear and accessories. For your trip to Joshua Tree national Park, it is no different. Below, we have made a list of some gear that we think might benefit you while on your trip to the desert. 

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

While nobody ever wants to assume that the worst will happen, sometimes accidents are inevitable. Getting lost in the desert is not uncommon when people venture off of the trail. Unlike getting lost in a different environment, access to water might be hard to come by — and access to clean, drinkable water is even more difficult to find. 

The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System is a small, portable water filtration system that is rated at 0.1 micron absolute — meaning that it can take dirty water and make it incredibly clean and drinkable. Additionally, the filter will last for up to 100,000 gallons of filtration, meaning that you will likely never need to replace it. Learn more about this unique emergency tool today

Vargo Titanium Tent Stake

If you are planning on setting up your camping hammock on the ground, you’ll want to bring a few tent stakes with you when you visit the desert. The Vargo Titanium Tent Stake comes in a six-pack and is incredibly durable. Safely secure your camping hammock today by ordering your Vargo Titanium Tent Stakes.

Shop Hennessy Hammock Today!

If you are planning on visiting Joshua Tree national Park, there is no better way to do so than to camp under the stars in your Hennessy Hammock. As the most versatile camping hammock in the world, our hammocks are built to be set up in multiple ways — ensuring that you never spend a night uncomfortable. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your Hennessy hammock today and book your camping spot in Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow. Shop now!

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