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Hammock Camping at Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a beautiful protected space on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Since being designated a protected area in 1897, Olympic National Park has been visited by millions of people from all over the world.

What makes Olympic National Park so unique is its humid climate and beautiful trees — something that all hammock campers can appreciate. At Hennessy Hammock, we believe that portable camping hammocks like ours are an invaluable camping essential that can help you explore natural areas like Olympic National Park more efficiently. Continue learning as we discuss this beautiful national park and the countless opportunities it can provide when hammock camping. 

Olympic National Park: General Information

Before you start to plan your trip to the most beautiful national park in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to visit the National Park Service website to see if there are any restrictions or closures that might interfere with your travel plans. In doing so, you can avoid any unforeseen issues that could potentially derail your adventure. 

What to Do

At Olympic National Park, there is no shortage of activities to participate in. You can backpack for days at a time or experience many day hikes from your car. You can kayak Lake Pateros or you can swim and cliff jump in The Narrows Swimming Hole. In short, there is an adventure worthy of embarking on out there for everyone to enjoy. 


  • Entrance: $15–$200

  • Campgrounds: $15–$22

  • Wilderness Camping: $8 per night (not including $6 permit fee)

Campsite Availability

There are a number of different types of campsites in Olympic National Park. That said, campsites are available all year-round. Cost may vary between dispersed camping sites and backcountry camping sites. 


As a camper, it is important to consider the climate prior to packing for your trip — and Olympic National Park has a climate that most are not used to. Being a high-elevation coastal park, Olympic National Park can see temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer in high elevations — meaning that warm clothing and sleeping insulation should never be forgotten. Additionally, it rains hard and often in the park during the summer — meaning that you should prioritize the use of waterproof, water-resistant, and fast-drying clothes and equipment. 

Hammock Camping in Olympic National Park

While Olympic National Park is a great place for anyone to camp, it is especially great for those who prefer to bring their ultralight camping hammock with them on their adventure. Hammock camping, at its core, is a way to camp comfortably in a functional hanging tent — keeping you warm and dry while also keeping you off of the cold, hard ground. 

In the Pacific Northwest, keeping your camping spot and gear dry is incredibly important. The heavy moisture in the air can make the temperature feel cooler than it really is while keeping the ground soaked for a long time after rain falls. Because of this, a camping hammock becomes a great outdoor sleeping solution.

Hanging high off of the cold, hard ground, camping hammocks do not subject their user to laying in moisture. Additionally, camping hammocks have excellent rainfly systems that protect the user from rain and blowing wind. In short, an ultralight backpacking hammock like ours here at Hennessy Hammock, can comfortably protect you from all sides. 

Recommended Gear

Aside from your durable Hennessy Hammock, there are a few other gear items that you might want to consider bringing along on your journey. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite camping accessories that will make your trip more enjoyable. 

The Monsoon Rainfly, 30D Silnylon

If you are going to be camping in a rainy environment, it makes sense to bring along the best rainfly possible. The Monsoon Rainfly is a modified shock corded asymmetrical fly that has detachable “blast panels” that create a fully-enclosed, watertight space. 

Born to weather the tropical storms of Tahiti and the alpine rainforests of New Zealand, this heavy-duty camping hammock rainfly is sure to keep you and your gear dry — regardless of the weather conditions thrown at you. Learn more about the Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Fly today

Camping Hammock Insulation

At Hennessy Hammock, we have worked for decades to design a camping hammock capable of four-season use. One of the ways that we learned to do so is to never skimp out on insulation. Hennessy Hammock insulation systems attach below the hammock, creating an insulated barrier beneath you while your hammock insulates the space above you. 

With easy assembly and comfortable use, camping hammock insulation systems are a must-have accessory when visiting Olympic National Park. Learn more about our camping hammock insulation products today.

HH20 AutoMagic Water Collector & Rainfly Tensioner System

HH20 Automagic Water Collectors are an innovative water collection tool that helps collect water naturally from your camping hammock’s fly as you sleep. Simply attach the water collectors to the “O” rings on your rainy and let gravity collect the water safely in a jug below.

With the humid, stormy climate of Olympic National Park, a water collection tool is easy to use and invaluable. Learn more about the HH20 AutoMagic Water Collector & Rainfly Tensioner today

Order Your Camping Hammock Today!

Are you ready to order a camping hammock for your next national park adventure? If so, we urge you to check out our large inventory of tried and true camping hammocks. Our hammocks are built to last and to take you farther on your next adventure, so stay tuned to our blog series to learn more about our 10 favorite national parks for hammock camping. 

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