Traversing the Congo With Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock isn’t your ordinary hammock. While it’s the perfect piece of gear for campers looking to get a good night’s sleep on the trail, it’s much more than that. Hennessy Hammock is the ultimate sleeping shelter, used by explorers, backpackers, soldiers, extreme adventure-seekers, and even people involved in disaster-relief efforts. It’s comfort and durability as well as several other key features make it the first choice for those who can’t afford to go with second-best. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about how a small team of people will set out to walk the full length of the Congo River with the help of their Deep Jungle Hennessy hammock. Check out this amazing story and learn more about why you should trust our lightweight hammocks for all of your adventures.

Traversing the Congo — A World-First

This year, a small group of explorers is scheduled to set out to complete something that’s never been done before — to walk the full length of the Congo River from Northeastern Zambia to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a feat that, if accomplished, will take them on a journey that extends for more than 3,000 miles through dangerous and unforgiving terrain. 

The Congo region of Africa is known to be one of the most dangerous places in the world, filled with violence and political instability, as well as a lack of infrastructure. For those traveling on foot with limited resources, it also means danger from extreme temperatures, threatening wildlife, and deadly diseases. The team that will be embarking on this amazing journey will need to rely on only the best gear, such as their Hennessy hammock, to see them through. 

Throughout the 3,000+ miles of tough terrain, the team dedicated to “walking the Congo” will cross through swaps, savannahs, and jungles. They’ll experience sweltering heat and humidity, rain and wind, and no doubt, extreme exhaustion. Perhaps one of the only ways to make it through such an extreme challenge is to ensure you can get the rest you need, in a shelter that’s safe and secure.     


When Your Health and Safety Matter, Choose Hennessy

Our intuitively-designed, lightweight hammocks are made of the highest-quality materials — for when only the best will do to ensure your comfort and safety. Each of our hammocks is made with durable, high-density fabric to keep mosquitoes and other bugs out while you’re safely inside. This is not only important for keeping out nuisance pests, but for keeping you safe from poisonous creatures and disease-carrying insects. 

Not only are our hammocks bug-proof, but they’re wind- and rain-proof as well. Each one comes with a polyurethane-coated rain fly which can be adjusted to any angle or even removed to use elsewhere. There’s no doubt that when you’re dealing with extreme and unpredictable weather, you can always count on your Hennessy hammock to provide the protection you need.

Worried about getting chilly during the night? Because hammocks are suspended in the air, they provide cooling comfort in hot environments, but they can also get a little chilly if the temperature dips at night. That’s why we’ve also included an option to purchase a double-bottomed hammock. The double-layer is perfect for adding an insulated pad for added warmth. Once inside, your lightweight hammock will give you the best night’s sleep that you’ve ever experienced away from home. The secret is in our patented asymmetrical shape that allows you to lay on the diagonal, making your resting place feel longer and wider and exceptionally more comfortable.   

About Hennessy Hammocks

Hennessy hammocks were designed with every attention to detail by a man who has had more than his fair share of adventures. It took many years and over 50 prototypes to create the ultimate, lightweight hammock we sell today. When you choose to purchase a Hennessy, you’ll be investing in the most premium gear, at a less-than premium price. You can find many other lesser-quality products on the market for much more. Whether you’re an extreme adventure-seeker or a backyard camper, there’s no better choice for your comfort and safety than Hennessy Hammock.  

We offer many different hammocks, all with similar design and patented features. The main differences are size, weight of fabrics, ropes and webbing. Check out our selection of hammocks or visit our hammock comparison page to find the one that’s right for you.
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