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10 Best National Parks for Hammock Camping

In the United States, we are lucky enough to have a wealth of natural areas where people can choose to immerse themselves in nature. For some, a national park might be a short drive away. For others, the closest national park might be a short flight away. Regardless, the opportunities are there — you just have to make a plan and start your adventure!

At Hennessy Hammock, your supplier of lightweight camping hammocks, our business is fueled by adventure — and what better way is there to be adventurous than to explore the wonderful national parks in our country?

Designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and functional, our camping hammocks are the perfect outdoor sleeping solution for your next adventure. Be sure to check out our large inventory of portable camping hammocks today so you can plan for your next adventure tomorrow. 

But what national parks should you consider visiting when you are planning for your next adventure? Continue reading to learn more. 

Our 10 Favorite National Parks 

While pretty much all of the national parks are worth visiting, we believe that 10 parks are perfect for the budding adventurer. In this blog series, we will be discussing each of the following national parks in-depth, as well as how your portable camping hammock from Hennessy Hammock can be used to make the experience more enjoyable. 

  • Olympic National Park
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Big Bend National Park
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Voyageurs National Park
  • Acadia National Park
  • Congaree National Park

While there are a large number of parks to choose from in the United States, and you might choose a different park to visit closer in relation to your home, we believe that the above parks are the most diverse and unique — offering the most to those who can manage to visit each one. 

Portable Camping Hammocks & National Parks

At Hennessy Hammock, we truly believe that there is no better way to spend a night under the stars than in an ultralight hammock. Our ultralight backpacking and camping hammocks are specially designed to provide you with the most comfortable sleep possible while out on your adventure. 

So you're in Rocky Mountain National Park and can’t find a level camping spot without rocks and other debris — what can you do? Well, if you have a camping hammock, any spot that you’d like can be comfortable. Say that you’re in Congaree National park and you can’t find a dry patch of land to set up your tent? Again, if you have a camping hammock, the status of the ground is never a concern. That’s why we think that camping hammocks are the best outdoor sleeping solution. 

Stay Tuned for More National Park Hammock Camping Information!

Tune in to the Hennessy Hammock blog as we discuss our 10 favorite national parks and how hammock camping can help you enjoy them to their fullest. Have questions about the parks or our ultralight camping hammocks? Check out our future blog posts for camping resources and contact a member of our team today for any hammock camping questions that you might have. 


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OR Outdoor and Snow Show Winter 2019

If you're in Denver today, January 30 or 31st, drop by the Convention Center to see Zeuss and Chris at the Hennessy Hammock booth # UL30038.  People are going wild for the new Survivorman hammock, created in partnership with TV personality, bushcrafter and survivalist Les Stroud.  The Survivorman is a double bottomed hammock for extra insulation or mosquito protection that includes a survival kit, double sized hex rainfly and bright orange bandana with survival tips.  The hammock has a bright orange inner layer so can be used for signalling in emergency situations.  Come by the booth for a test drive!

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Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Award Finalist

We're excited to announce that Hennessy Hammock has been selected as a finalist for the Canada Post E-Commerce Awards in the International Conqueror category.  A huge thank you from the Hennessy Team to everyone that has supported us over the years from Canada and all the corners of the world!

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Outdoor Retailer June 18-20 in Denver

It's time for the 2019 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in beautiful Denver.  This great show features all the best outdoor equipment products gathered under the roof of the Colorado Convention Center. James Hennessy and David "Zeuss" Cochrane will be in the building representing Hennessy Hammock at Booth # UL-30038, so be sure to stop by if you are in the area to say hello and take advantage of our great Pro Deals.  You can also see Hennessy Hammock represented in the hammock area of the "Tent City", a new feature at this show.  Hope you can make it!

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Big Shout Out to Robert Pinkham and Veteran Project 22

I want project 22 to stand out above all other motorcycle veterans organizations. I feel we can accomplish this by not limiting ourselves to set perimeter of help we offer. I would like one of our main missions to be creating and fabrication of adaptive equipment to help veterans be able to ride again when they didn’t think they could. Read more
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Trail Days 2019 Damascus Virginia

If you're on the AT and headed for Trail Days tomorrow in Damascus Virginia, keep an eye out for Rosaleen and her Hennessy Hammock team.  They have all the Hennessy products at a 50% discount plus lots of tips, stories, and suggestions to share.  Stop by and say hi to our intrepid crew!  If you can't be there, check out this iconic 2008 Trail Days video starring Dead Bear and Moonbeam!:


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Daniel Eggington and the Darien Gap Project

Great to hear from Hennessy user Daniel Eggington, who'll be taking the Jungle Explorer Zip on his latest expedition, The Darien Gap Project.  Here are his own words describing his  plans:

“The main aim of my expedition is to raise awareness for conservation and human rights.  The location is a pristine habitat of primary rainforest.   I will be trekking through the gap from Colombia to Panama along the Pacific coast,  also known as Colombias Choco department.

The Darien Gap is a gap in the Pan American highway, which is the longest road in the world.  The jungle itself is dense and hostile from countless numbers of dangerous animals and a growing number of illegal armed groups, the most notorious bing the FARC rebels who have now disbanded and formed a political party.  The once smaller armed groups are now fighting for control of the illegal businesses the FARC once had which has created a power vacuum and people trying to rise to the top of it.   

Why I am doing this is simply because I love adventure and I hope to raise awareness for the indigenous communities neglected or affected by the issues in the region.  Another reason is to raise awareness of the biodiversity of the region in a hope the organisations trying to reduce deforestation and increase biological diversity will keep it forefront of their minds.

Check out Daniel's great photos and videos at


Image of Daniel on a training trek at Galloway Forest

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4Season Hammock Set Up Information

Tom has some new advice about stowing the 4Season Hammocks in their Compression Sacks:

We are very pleased with our new 4Season Expedition and Explorer hammocks but in the last few days I saw a YouTube video where a guy was having difficulty repacking his 4Season into the compression sack.  I’d like to show you how I designed it to be repacked.

In the near future I will be emailing you a link to a video but for now, here’s a description.

1/ In the morning, your rainfly often will be wet from rain or dew.  Collapse your rainfly into the snakeskins and store them separately on the outside of your pack so that  the rainfly will be ready to set up the next evening before you open your pack. Untie the rainfly and snakeskins from the trees, coil them up and attach them to the outside of your pack.  

2/ To pack up your 4Season in the compression sack, start with the hammock tied between two trees with the foam pad in position and all your gear removed. Untie the side tie-outs.  If you have a dry, flat spot you can put the hammock down and roll it up. 

3/ If there is no dry, flat spot, untie the hammock from one tree and start rolling up the hammock and rope toward the other tree into a 7” diameter roll about 40” wide.  Hold the roll between your knees, untie the second rope and tuck it into the roll.

4/ Slip the 7” diameter roll into the compression sack, rotating it as you push the hammock and pad firmly down into the compression sack.  Pull the drawstring closed. 

5/ Pull the cap over the end of the compression sack and tighten down the straps.

That’s how I do it.  If you have any questions, just email them to

Best regards

Tom Hennessy



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If you're in Denver....

David "Zeuss" Cochrane is in the building!  Stop by Booth 30038-UL at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Centre in balmy Denver to join in some relaxing hammock testing.   Read more
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Holiday Special Lives On!

Holiday Special lives on! It's not too late to get a free Scout Classic and accessories with a hammock purchase of $150 or more. Read more
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