"...you introduced my life to the Cocoon. That same hammock has been an invaluable tool from Dawson to Panama City and most places in between...it is the hitchhiker's best friend...a soul never need look far for a good night's rest anywhere in the great outdoors." Michael Wood
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Happy campers: This season's best tents for your summer trip

There’s no doubting the Deep Jungle’s cred. When British explorer Ed Stafford walked the length of the Amazon River in 2008 – a feat that earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records – it was the tent he brought with him, made by the family-owned company on Galiano Island, in British Columbia. For that reason – along with its featherweight and its quick assembly – it will appeal to hard-core campers. But there’s much for lazers to like, too. Think of falling asleep in a hammock on a lazy summer day. Then imagine you have a mosquito cover to keep the bugs away, a fly above you to shield you from rain and an insulation pad underneath you to keep you warm. Logistically, you’ll need to find trees or some other secure post to tie the hammock to. And obviously, given its size, you’re not bringing kids along. But putting it up can be done in only a few minutes, and you’ll sleep like a baby with no worries of ever having a tree root digging into your back.

Link to article: Globe and Mail - "This season's best tents"
Published Wednesday, Jul. 06, 2016

The North Georgia Mountains - Chris Jackson

The oppressive heat and humidity here in South Alabama has kicked up early this year. Not to mention the break neck speed of life has started to wear on my nerves. I need a get-a-way…somewhere cooler…somewhere secluded.
The North Georgia Mountains sound like a good escape from this furnace like heat. Maybe some trout fishing…camping beside the creek…pooping in the woods…cold creek bathes…campfires…no cell service…yep…just what the doctor ordered!
So, the boys and I, along with a friend and his sons, head up early one morning for 5 days of glorious seclusion. We arrive a little after lunch to out campsite. It is up in the mountains and secluded, in other words, perfect!
We hang our Hennessy Hammocks around the campsite. Younger son Gray sets his Hennessy Scout up right beside my Explorer Deluxe A-sym. He was so anxious to get in the water, he is a little haphazard in making sure his rain fly is tight. Jake, the 15 year old, being the independent sort, stretches his Scout between two trees on the far side of the campsite. He likes to set his hammock up with a high fly so he can see out as much as possible. This worked well on this trip as we were entertained at night with a large contingent of lightning bugs. Our friend’s sons followed suite. One set up beside Gray and one right on the water’s edge to get the full effect of the sound of water trickling over the rocks. The campsite is full of five swingers and one tent.
That night’s supper was “tacos in a bag” and a cold, refreshing bath in the creek. After a little campfire, we retired to our hammocks for a great night sleep. I have been a hammock camper for many years, but still always appreciate the quality of sleep I get in my Hennessy. I am a side-sleeper and can comfortably sleep on my side in my large Explorer Deluxe A-sym. My back had been creaky for the last few days and driving several hours did not help. But, after one night in my Hennessy, I had no issues the next morning. I felt fresh and ready to hit the water. As a matter of fact if it hadn’t been for the rising sun I would have slept through breakfast!
The next day we were up, wetting lines and ripping lips, early. By that afternoon the clouds were starting to get angry. It appeared that we were going to have a wet night. Soon we were cooking supper under a tarp as it rained cats and dogs. Best we could tell it rained a couple inches that night. Then, Gray’s haphazard fly set up come back to haunt us. After checking his hammock he ran over alerting me he had trouble. Wishing I had an umbrella, I walked over to find his slack rain fly had inverted, becoming a bathtub, full of rain laying down into his hammock. But the Hennessy fly did not leak and would have worked out fine. But, leave it to dad…when we tried to empty the water we (I) dumped it all right into his hammock. Still his hammock didn’t get too wet because his sleeping bag was there to soak it up. Lucky for us this wasn’t a backpacking or canoeing trip and the truck was only a few steps away. So, Gray got to experience a camping first…spending the night in a truck (it’s all about perspective).
Both Jake’s and my hammock were high and dry.  My Explorer Deluxe A-sym has a larger rain fly and even in the heavy down pour I didn’t have nary a drop on any of my gear which was stored under the fly.  Oh what a night’s sleep!  The sound of the rain on they fly of the Hennessy was like a lullaby. 
The next day was more fishing.  But first Gray prepared a breakfast of pancakes and sausage, with love, on the camp stove.  He was proud and everyone was full! 
It didn’t take long and we had caught enough for a fish feast.  So we had a fish fry on the bank of the creek for lunch.  So Good!
Every night I would place my Crocs (the perfect camp shoe) under my hammock, where they stay dry and easy to get to for that late night nature call.  Sleeping in a tent you either have to leave your shoes outside to get wet or bring them inside, which also brings in sand and dirt.  Also, when sleeping in a tent you are flat on the ground.  Putting on your shoes you have to do it sitting flat on the ground.  Which is often a trick.  When you get dressed…again…flat on the ground.  With my Hennessy, I have a built in chair.  I NEVER have to “get up” off the ground.
Often I have people look down their nose when I mention camping…saying’, I’m too Old, fat, lazy, whatever, to sleep on the ground.  I’m quick to tell them I don’t sleep on the ground and I sleep just as good as I do at home.
Finally, our last night came and so did the colder temps.  At home we have seen the heat index above 100.  But the low in these North Georgia Mountains hit the 50s.  We had to slide into our sleeping bags instead of only using them for a top cover.  Oh, so nice!!
So after 4 great nights it is time to pack up and head home.  Jake’s hammock has this great little accessory called Snake Skins.  He can roll up his entire hammock and fly inside his snake skins and back in the stuff sack in just a couple minutes.  So another great adventure for the Jackson gang.  Until next time…
Chris Jackson - July 6, 2016 


Thought you might like our solution to Aircraft camping with the Hennessy Hammock. Built up a collapsable, light aluminum frame that uses aircraft tie downs as anchors.

Wonderfully solved the issues of Heat, Rain, Muddy uneven ground and Bugs. Also weathered a heavy downpour with high winds.

This was at Oshkosh 2011, July. - Steve Silsbee

I recently moved from Oregon to Michigan and used my HH to camp along the way. - Cory

Dear Hennessy,

I've just got back from Hammocking around Andalucia, Spain. I can't tell you how great it was. I got there on the 26th of febuary this year and was there til mid Apirl. It was a tad chilly on the first few day as I'd only brought a crappy sleeping bag and no roll mat but after a few days It was warmer and oh so comfy. I'd defo recommend a decent sleeping bag and a roll mat (basically the same as a tent althought the hammock is so much lighter and no poles!).

I was in a complete dessert there on the coast so it made it a little tricky finding trees etc... but it made it a little more exciting too. the best place I found was in a eucalyptus grove right on a beautiful beach. All in all it's a great product. last time round in spain I took just the basic scout but next time (in a few weeks) my girl and I are taking the safari and gonna go round the same places as I did last time so hopefully it'll make a good comparasion. Thanks for creating such an amazing thing.

Tom Kemp, Cornwall, UK

In a Village in the Amazon

hammock in cabanaA Wild Life Expedition (UK) amazed and bewildered a family in the Amazon Rainforest when they strung up Hennessy Hammocks in the rafters of their lodge. They also used them as chairs during the day.

With Elephants in Botswana

elephants holding hammockPhoto of Jabu, Thembi and Morula playing with a Hennessy Hammock in Botswana. The elephants seem to be having lots of fun, but we wonder about the guy inside! This photo was provided to us by Kelsey Massie from Galiano Island who is working to protect the African Elephant.


elephants holding hammockOur three very special African Elephants — Jabu, Thembi and Morula — not only make a comfortable bed for you in the bush, they also take you on an elephant-paced walking safari through the African wilderness. Come explore the Okavango Delta, Botswana - alongside our majestic friends. Contact Doug and Sandi Groves at Grey Matters Ltd., Box 66, Maun, Botswana, Phone/Fax (267) 663 198

Hammocks on the Canadian prairie!

hammock hanging from a signIn the far north of Canada, trees can be hard to find...but an innovative hiker pitched his hammock beneath a giant "Husky" oil sign. That's Michael sitting on the ground by the post on the right.

Here's a portion of a letter from Michael Wood of Planetrek:

"Dear Tom: I thought I'd start off by saying that you and I have had a chance meeting before. It was some years ago at the Payless gas station in Brentwood Bay (British Columbia)...we had a little chit-chat while I filled your truck with propane.

I mentioned that I was bound for the woods to try my luck at tree planting and that's when you introduced my life to the Cocoon. That same hammock has been an invaluable tool from Dawson to Panama City and most places in between. Every time I string the Cocoon, I am callled upon to explain the contraption to a multitude of folk, often seeking to acquire one for themselves. I tell them that it is the hitch-hiker's best friend...that a soul never need look far for a good night's rest anywhere in the great outdoors..."

Sailing in the Gulf Islands, Canada

Hennessy Hammocks are being used on board boats! This one is set up between the mast and the forestay of a sailboat in the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada. The hammock and rainfly side tie-outs are attached to the boat's side rails.

Photo, Christina Oros

On the West Coast Trail

hammock hanging from driftwoodPhoto and letter from Mike Elsdon, Calgary, Alberta

The final night at Michigan Creek had one spot that was perfect for a hammock, however, by this time I had begun to travel and camp with a group of tenters and they wanted to camp at the other end of the beach. Again, thick trees with impenetrable underbrush. I scouted out a couple of potential places in the trees, but then turned around and spotted the most bizarre washed up tree I had ever seen. One stump projecting two massive trees that curved to form a set of giant mammoth tusks. The tide was low enough that night to provide me a great spot to hang. Just because of the shape and size of the trees, and the perfection of their spacing this was perhaps one of my all time favorite spots to hang from.

hammock by streamHello! Just like to send a picture of my Deep Jungle that has become my absolute favourite outdoor sleeping/resting/relaxing... gear!! It is an awesome product you guys have created - and I am just so happy I bought one!!

Picture is from my surf trip in south Australia - Wye River! Back home in Sweden I use it often, and then I bring a mat for my dog to sleep at right under the hammock so it have use of the canopy shelter too!
Have a great Summer!
Peter in Sweden

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