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  • Oversize Mesh Pockets Oversize Mesh Pockets

    from $7.95 USD NEW
    XL NEW

    Oversize Mesh Pockets

    $7.95 USD

    We've had many requests for more storage inside the hammock so we have come up with two larger end-loading mesh storage pockets that attach to the ridgeline and seal with...
  • 4Season Survivorman Zip XL 4Season Survivorman Zip XL

    Two-layer Bottom Holds Foam Pad on the Correct Diagonal + Survival Kit

    Up to 7ft / 350 lbs – 213cm / 159kg
    Two-layer Bottom
    4Season Survivorman Zip XL NEW

    4Season Survivorman Zip XL

    $319.95 USD

    Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.

    Hennessy Hammock is excited to work with Canadian bushcraft icon Les Stroud in designing our new survival hammock. Les is famous for tackling tough environments and our hammocks are built...

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    At Hennessy Hammock, we’re always interested in hearing how people have put our camping hammock to the test. We’ve heard stories about taking them on jungle expeditions, dangerous treks through the desert, and even on a journey that took over two years to complete. Most of these adventures involved hot, humid conditions and torrential downpours — classic...

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