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All items are covered by our Hennessy Hammock 1 year warranty for defects in workmanship of materials.
Clearance Items will be shipping from our workshop in Canada. Some items may ship from our warehouse in the USA.
Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
2-3 day shipping is not available for sale items.
Canada Post /USPS Regular mail is only available with clearance sale items. A few items may ship Fedex
Due to the popularity of the sale there may be some delays in answering phone calls and emails.
Items sell very fast and in most cases, we do not have additional photos or info about individual items.
If you order regularly priced items to include with your demo sale order, you may receive your items in 2 separate shipments.
INTERNATIONAL shipping may not be available to all locations (please inquire first)
Snakeskins and H2O collectors are not automatically included with Odds & Ends sale items but can be purchased below at a sale price.

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