Camping Hammock: Why You Should Invest In A Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock

Camping Hammock Why You Should Invest In A Hennessy HammockIf you consider yourself to be in the outdoor sports and adventure scene, you have likely noticed the incredible growth in the popularity of camping hammocks, or hanging hammock tents. While traditional tents are an extremely reliable camping shelter, people that are invested in outdoor sports and recreation have begun to notice that hammock tents allow you to comfortably camp in places that have never before been possible. 

At Hennessy Hammocks, we are dedicated to the outdoor and adventure community — and it is our goal to provide people with sleeping comfort that was once unattainable. For over 60 years, we have been working on our vision — sleeping in hammocks, making camping hammocks more practical, and designing and manufacturing the most comfortable, durable, and efficient hammock tents in the outdoor sports and adventure industry. If you are new to the camping hammock scene, we urge you to check out our large selection of hammock tents today.   

Why Camping HammocksWhy Camping Hammocks?

In 1999, the first iteration of the Hennessy hammock was developed by Tom Hennessy. While the original hammock was relatively simple in nature, it featured a unique patented entrance through the bottom of the hammock. Next, developments and tweaks were made to accommodate comfort, weight, durability, and overall product quality. 

Fast forward 20 years, and now there are multiple iterations and specialized versions of the Hennessy Hammock to accommodate the unique needs of each outdoor sports and adventure enthusiast. Whether you are a long-distance thru-hiker, a bike-packer, hunter, explorer, scout, general adventure-seeker, or even a self-proclaimed comfort enthusiast, there is a Hennessy Hammock for you. 

But we didn’t just stop when we developed a camping hammock model that worked. Instead, we sought to create a hammock tent that could be accessorized to take on any unique camping experience. Featuring heavy-duty rainflies, adjustable insulation, storage options, and even accessories as unique as rainfly water collectors — Hennessy Hammocks have the ability to take on any camping challenge that you throw at them. Check out some of our hammock tent accessories, rainflies, and insulation today to see how they could make your next trip more enjoyable. 

Micheal H. — Amazon Reviews (5-Star Review)

Product: Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip

“A friend of mine talked me into camping outside "the regular" campsites he told me to "buy a hammock." I bought this one and will never go back to a tent. It doesn't matter what the ground is like, what the slope is, what kind of padding you need for ground cover. It's easy to get in and out. No crawling, just string it between two trees. Part the velcro seam on the bottom, walk into it, turn around and lay back. To get out in a hurry, just part the velcro with your feet (even in a sleeping bag it's easy) and stand up!”

Hennessy Hammock


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hammock Camping — & The Hennessy Hammock Solutions

Like any other outdoor savvy adventurer, you likely look at the pros and cons of each product that you intend to purchase — only choosing to buy the product if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. At Hennessy Hammocks, we did the same when we entered the camping hammock market — with the only difference being that we saw the disadvantages of hammock tents as an opportunity to create a superior product. Below, we will be discussing the advantages of hammock camping, the disadvantages of hammock camping, and how our team has addressed the disadvantages that people traditionally see in hammock tents. Continue reading to learn more. 

Advantages of Hammock Camping

Advantages Of Hammock Camping

Comfort & Quality Of Sleep

If there is one thing that a majority of the population thinks of when someone brings up camping, it’s sleeping on the cold, hard ground. While yes, there are plenty of sleeping pads and foam pads that are specifically developed to make camping on the ground more comfortable, there are plenty of variables that these camping solutions can’t solve — issues like ground composition, area slope, and weather-related issues. 

By sleeping in a camping hammock like our Hennessy Hammocks, not only do you get to avoid sleeping on the cold, hard ground, but you also get to sleep in a position that is more natural and promotes better sleep. By pairing a hammock tent with quality sleeping bags and insulation systems, a hammock can prove to be one of the best sleeping solutions for three-season camping trips. 

Fast & Consistent Setup 

In most cases, setting up a tent includes fumbling around with tent poles, carefully threading them through tent eyelets and support systems, and bending a handful of ground stakes as you try to secure the tent to the ground — although, we have to admit that traditional tent technology has gotten better in recent years. When you are hammock camping, however, you no longer have to practice the tedious process of tent setup. Instead, you simply have to pull the hammock tent out, clip it to two trees, and set up your rainfly — a process that will get faster and more efficient as you practice it. 

Hennessy Hammocks take the ease of assembly to the next level. Simply unroll the tent, remove the webbing straps, and hang the fly at about eye-level. Next, all you have to do is adjust the tension of the straps to bring the bottom of the hammock to a minimum of 14-16 inches above the ground, slip on the rainfly, and enjoy. 

When it comes to taking down your Hennessy Hammock, the process is even easier. — especially if you use our SnakeSkins instant stuff sack. Simply roll up the hammock tent while it is still hanging, slide the snakeskin down over the tent enclosure, and easily stow away the hammock in your pack or bag. 

Protection from the elements

Protection From The Elements

If there is one advantage that hammock tents have over traditional tents, it is their superior protection from the elements. If you find that your adventure has taken you to a wet climate, the last thing that you want to do is sleep on the ground. Not only will the moisture on the ground possibly speed through your tent, but there is also a risk of exposure to groundwater in severe rain conditions. 

By hammock camping, you can ensure that you are protected from the sun, wind, and rain — suspended comfortably above the ground in a hammock. In addition to our standard rainflies, we also offer stronger, more durable rainfly upgrades so that you can adapt your Hennessy Hammocks to the unique conditions that your adventures subject you to. Check out our large rainfly selection today.

Leave No Trace

If you are active in outdoor and adventure communities, it is more than likely that you have heard, and hopefully practice, Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace focuses on the following seven principles. 

  1. Plan ahead and prepare.
  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  3. Dispose of waste properly.
  4. Leave what you find. 
  5. Minimize campfire impacts.
  6. Respect wildlife.
  7. Be considerate to others. 

At Hennessy Hammock, we find all of the Leave No Trace principles to be necessary actions for the outdoor community — and our hammock tents are designed to help you on your endeavor to leave no trace behind. By hammock camping, you are able to sleep without affecting the local flora, as well as minimize the impact that you have on popular camping areas — allowing nature to be more natural. 

Disadvantages of Hammock Camping

Disadvantages Of Hammock Camping — & How Our Hammock Tents Solved Them

Hammock Tent Weight

Traditionally speaking, hammock tents are pretty heavy. Whereas traditional tents rest on the ground and are held up by structural support, hammock tents must be durable enough to support the camper’s weight, hang from the trees, and stay structurally sound during weather events. Because of the needs that hammock tents have in structure and support, they are traditionally pretty heavy — meaning that backpackers and thru-hikers might opt to leave their camping hammock at home.

At Hennessy Hammock, we recognized that camping hammocks have more benefits than disadvantages — being why we have gone out of our way to make camping hammocks a feasible sleeping solution for any outdoor adventurer. Packing away a 1lb and 15oz, our Ultralight Backpacker Classic is the perfect outdoor adventuring tent. Try it out on your next backpacking or thru-hiking adventure!

Setup & Teardown Learning Curve

We will be the first to admit that setting up and tearing down a hammock is not easy at first — especially if you have been using traditional tents for your whole life. That being said, like anything new, over time setting up and tearing down your camping hammock is bound to become easier as you naturally learn to spot adequate hanging locations, learn to tie the necessary knots easier, and get more assembly and disassembly experience.

At Hennessy Hammocks, we have designed and developed our camping hammocks to be easy to set up and take down with our efficient strap technology, two-part assembly system, and our SnakeSkin instant stuff sack system. Learn how to set up your Hennessy Hammock and how to take down your Hennessy Hammock today from their creator, Tom Hennessy!

Cold Camping Comfort

One of the benefits that traditional tents provide — and one that you likely take for granted — is that they naturally provide insulation between you and the ground. Because your pad is on the ground, cool air is not allowed to pass underneath you. When air can’t flow beneath you, you become insulated. With hammocks, however, you are exposed to the cold — as air flows freely under your hammock and cools your body quickly. 

As a camping hammock manufacturer that markets their hammocks as three-season, our team decided to create a modern solution for hammock campers to stay warm. All of our camping hammocks are compatible with our SuperShelter and OneCover insulation systems — allowing you to insulate your camping hammock from the top and bottom. Check out our camping hammock insulation solutions today

Micheal H. — Amazon Reviews (5-Star Review)

Product: Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip

“I've tested a lot of camping hammocks and the Expedition wins hands down for the total package of features, price, and quality. This is a great all-in-one choice for anyone starting out wanting to try hammock camping or for the more advanced as well. The built-in bug net keeps unwanted six-legged guests out of your sleeping experience and the rain-fly (which is included) will keep you protected from most all weather except maybe super heavy rain or rain with a lot of high winds. I own two of them.”

 Hennessy Hammocks The Last Camping Hammock That You Will Ever Need

Hennessy Hammocks — The Last Camping Hammock That You Will Ever Need

At Hennessy Hammock, we go out of our way to develop and manufacture the most comfortable, versatile, and durable camping hammocks in the world. As a part of that, we realize that different people are drawn to different camping hammocks that satisfy their unique wants and needs. Because of this, each of our hammocks are tailored to meet the needs that each individual adventurer and outdoor enthusiast might be drawn to. Below, we have listed a few of the different features that we include in our large inventory of camping hammocks.

Entrance Type

  • Velcro Bottom Entry - Our bottom entry hammocks are specially designed to help you get in and out of your camping hammock with ease. Simply push down with your feet or peel the velcro back to open the hammock and press the velcro together to re-seal the enclosure. 
  • Side Entrance Zipper Entry - Our camping hammocks that feature size entry zipper entrances are specially designed to efficiently enclose the hammock while allowing you to move in and out freely. Simply sit up on the edge of the hammock, unzip the entryway, and roll in or out of the camping hammock. 

Hammock Bottom

  • Single Bottom - Our single bottom camping hammocks are made using high-density materials that are meant to both keep you supported and protected from the elements outside.
  • Double Bottom - Our double bottom camping hammocks feature two detached layers of dense fabric that provide extra support and allow for the addition of insulation or a camping pad for support. 


At Hennessy Hammock, we have many different rainflies that are all interchangeable among models. Fitting all of our camping hammock models ranging from the Backpacker Ultralight to the Deep Jungle, our rainflies are built to withstand the harshest conditions. 


What good is a camping hammock that you can’t upgrade? At Hennessy hammocks we have a large number of innovative hammock accessories ranging from our SnakeSkin instant stuff sack system, our HH20 AutoMagic Water Collector & Rainfly Tensioner System, and many other accessories and replacement parts. 

Hennessy Hammock

Our Patented Camping Hammock Designs

  • Snap Tight Zipperless Enclosure - If you hadn’t heard of our Snap Tight velcro bottom entrance before today, there is a good reason for that — because it is an exclusive Hennessy Hammock feature. When you get into the hammock, the tension from your weight snaps the enclosure shut. 
  • Perfect Set Comfort Curve - Our Durable camping hammocks feature an integral ridgeline that will keep your back straight and level as you rest diagonally — eliminating back pain and ensuring a good night's sleep.
  • Asymmetrical Shape - Most hammocks are symmetrical, meaning that you have to lie in line with each end of the hammock while curving your back. Our asymmetrical hammock design allows you to lay diagonally, flattening the hammock and allowing a more comfortable night’s sleep. 
  • Never-Tip Center Balance Design - Featuring bottom entry designs, our camping hammocks eliminate the possibility of tipping while getting in or out of your hammock. 

Looking For You Next Camping Breakthrough? Try A Hennessy Hammock Today!

As an adventurer and outdoor enthusiast, you are always looking for that next piece of gear that can take your camping trips to the next level — and we believe that the Hennessy Hammock is just that product. 

Browse our online store today to find your favorite new camping hammock or camping hammock accessories. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team

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