The Hennessy Hammock is the most innovative solution to lightweight, comfortable camping on the planet.

At last, you will never need to find a level campsite. No more roots, rocks or puddles coming through the floor of your tent. No more aching muscles and stiff joints from sleeping on the hard ground. And no more carrying a heavy tent. Finally, a shelter that takes the pain out of the outdoors and is good for the environment. 


Why buy a Hennessy Hammock?

In 1999, Hennessy Hammock was singlehandedly responsible for creating an entirely new segment in the outdoor industry and since then has revolutionized the camping experience with its five patented features.

Hennessy Hammock is a complete shelter system for one price. Some competitors' hammocks seem cheaper until you add up the cost of all the parts, then you find that they cost more and often weigh more than a Hennessy Hammock.

To be sure that Hennessy Hammock ropes can never damage a tree, we also provide complimentary webbing straps with every hammock. Now you don't have to decide if you can afford to protect the environment.

Check out a few of the video testimonials to hear what people are saying about the Hennessy Hammock.

Hennessy Hammock has a complete line of specialty hammocks

Hennessy Hammock has a complete line of specialty hammocks, including jungle hammocks, double bottom hammocks, winter hammocks, camos, ultralights, and the right size and weight for anyone from 150 - 350 lbs. Any hammock over your weight limit is going to be even more comfortable.

All Hennessy Hammocks include attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, stuff sack with set up instructions on back and complimentary tree huggers to protect the bark of trees. To find the right hammock for you, compare models and insulation systems on our online store. Also check out our info pages and videos showing simple set up tips on how to stay warm and comfortable in your hammock. Hennessy Hammocks are most comfortable when suspended off the ground as a bugproof enclosed bed or folded into a chair or lounger for relaxing around camp. When there are no trees or other supports, they are superior to a bivy sack when set up on the ground as a tent.  

Hennessy Hammocks are popular with Peace Corps volunteers, forest fire fighters, smoke jumpers, emergency field hospitals, international disaster relief workers, and as survival equipment for preppers, military and SAR personnel.  Hennessy Hammocks have even been used as stretchers in emergencies that occurred far into the wilderness.


Designed and tested for six years before going into production

Tom Hennessy traveled for six years and made over 50 prototypes before being granted 5 patents for his revolutionary shelter. The Hennessy Hammock brings truly new features to jungle hammocks with a range of models for every purpose. The Hennessy Hammock is a totally new design for camping hammocks with patents in the U.S., Canada and Internationally. It has been tested in Canada, the U.S., Central and South America, Borneo, Australia, Africa, the Congo and even the Arctic and other extreme and hostile environments around the world.  

Experience a level of comfort on the trail almost as good as your bed at home and maybe even better.

The Hennessy Hammock is just as comfortable for expeditions into the Amazon jungle or on an African Safari as it is in the backyard or out at the cottage.

Two of the ultraight camping hammocks are under 2 lbs.! Tall or large campers and campers with injuries, arthritis or bone spurs and back pain tell us about finding their first night of comfortable camping in many years in the larger Explorer Deluxe or Safari Deluxe models. The patented asymmetrically shaped hammock supports your back like a quality mattress off the ground. You will wake up in the morning feeling great. Some owners of Hennessy Hammocks claim that they come home from their adventure feeling better than when they left.

A revolutionary piece of camping gear

If you have been shopping around looking at ultra-light camping gear as an alternative to a heavy tent, this might be the best piece of outdoor gear that you ever buy!

Features include:

  • Quick and easy setup and packup in about 2 minutes.
  • Reduced bulk and pack weight means you travel faster and further each day.
  • Same comfortable bed every night over rocky, muddy, wet or sloping terrain
  • Never touches the ground. Stays clean and dries fast.
  • Bugproof mosquito net for protection from malaria-carrying mosquitoes in jungles and leishmaniasis-bearing sand flies while sleeping in tropical and subtropical areas.
  • Increased protection from sun, wind, rain, no-see-ums, sand flies, black flies, poisonous insects and small reptiles.

Leave No Trace

The Hennessy Hammock has almost zero impact and is an excellent example of a “Leave No Trace” shelter.

All of our Hennessy Hammock models are provided with complimentary "tree hugger" webbing straps to protect the tender bark of trees. The smaller the diameter of the tree, the more times the webbing straps go around the tree to spread the load. The environmentally friendly design requires no ground leveling, trenching or staking. When you walk away from your campsite, there will be no tent footprint and almost no evidence that you were ever there.

Upgrade to a larger rainfly 

Oversize “HEX” Rainfly option! For little or no difference in cost, the "double-wide"PU coated polyester ”HEX” fly can be substituted for the regular fly on several models.

All Hennessy Rainflies are designed to keep you dry when set up according to instructions;  however, a bigger fly will give you an added margin of insurance or extra room to work under. Just choose the "customize" option for the hammock you want and add the Polyester Asym HEX rainfly to your cart. This offer is available only at the time of purchase to customers purchasing directly from Hennessy Hammock.

Extra SnakeSkins for the oversize fly: If you are substituting the "HEX" fly for the stock fly, you may want an extra set of SnakeSkins for the bulkier Hex fly and use the free set you'll receive with your website hammock purchase for the hammock bottom.

Many people just use one set of SnakeSkins to collapse the wet rainfly and keep it on the outside of their Pack and stuff their hammock and insulation system into the top of their pack.  You can also keep your sleeping bag inside the hammock.  That way every thing comes out of the pack at once with no chance of dropping your bag in the mud in the dark. 

Cold Weather Camping

Check out our Cold Weather Camping page. There are now two options for insulation.

Four models of Supershelter insulation systems are available to fit bottom entry and side zip models of the Expedition, Backpacker, Hyperlight, Explorers and Survivors.  An "undercover", space blanket and foam pad are included, but there is also plenty of room for additional insulating materials if conditions require them.

The Jungle Zip series has a double bottom which forms a pocket to hold the Radiant DoubleBubble Pad. The Jungle Expedition, Jungle Explorer and Jungle Safari have recently been added to  the Deep Jungle and Deep Jungle XL providing an insulated hammock for hikers of every size and weight. The Radiant DoubleBubble Pad can also be used inside the bottom entry and zip hammocks.



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